Spice it Up!

We started out making vegan granola bars with 24 ingredients. Now we have been serving up delicious plant-based eats in downtown Regina for 5 years! It's been full of wonderful experiences, daunting challenges, encouraging friends and of course, #tastytimes. 


Recharge Cafe wants to help you eat better. A whole food, nutrient dense, love what you eat and feel great about your environmental impact. (Oh yeah, and it's really good for you too.) Vegan takeaway meals that are gluten-free, soy-free and always made from scratch with love. 


Equip your home or office fridge with a selection of dishes from Recharge Cafe. It makes building lunches and dinners much easier. Add a salad, soup, or snack to your favourite leftovers and your work lunch practically packs itself.


Need more time in the day? Sick of your standard recipes? Need to spice up your nutrition plan? Let's strategize where we can best help you and your family today!